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Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey

De Burca Consulting has been selected by TimeXtender to bring their high-performance Discovery Hub® platform to the Irish market. With De Burca Consulting’s vast experience in building data architectures the “traditional” way, we are very excited by what we see as a game changer in Business Intelligence and Data Integration. TimeXtender’s distinct software provides a robust capability to deploy the architecture, along with the ability to easily manage data in a single front-end environment. There has never been a better time to start your BI Initiative and digitally transform your data management. De Burca Consulting is delighted to offer you a demonstration of Discovery Hub®’s capabilities and to show you how the information-focused platform helps users create a modernized data estate that can support the outcome of any digital transformation journey, including the move from a patchwork of tools and development cycles to a single, automated data platform.

TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® is a high-performance software platform used to build a flexible, information-focused data estate on the Microsoft Data Platform. The analytical architecture allows businesses to make superior business decisions without sacrificing compliance and governance in their data infrastructure. This includes providing full support for a “data protection by design and by default” environment under the GDPR legislation, as well as significantly reducing the total time spent on data collection, manual coding, analysis and reporting.

How it works

Discovery Hub® has three distinct components:

Operational Data Exchange (ODX)

Solves all the challenges related to data access.

In the ODX, users are able to access all corporate data in raw form and connect to the various types of ever-growing and ever-changing data sources. This allows IT departments to secure their systems and give business access to all data in one place.

Modern Data Warehouse (MDW)

Provides consolidated, quality data to business users in a way that they can understand and trust.

To be useful, data must be available in a format that business users can understand. Unlike traditional data warehouse approaches, no judgments are made about what data is relevant since the goal is to support self-service. In the MDW, golden records are created, historical data is preserved, and all data is improved, enriched and consolidated.

Shared Semantic Layer

One Version of the Truth for Power BI, Tableau or Qlik.

The Shared Semantic Layer provides department or purpose-specific models of your data using terms and definitions the business can understand. This allows for quick creation and flexible modification of the presentation layer. Discovery Hub® also lets users retain the freedom of choosing whatever front-end tool they prefer to provide robust, trusted visualizations or reports.

Key Features of Discovery Hub®

  • Data lineage

  • Impact analysis

  • Execution engines

  • Performance tracing

  • Documentation

  • Incremental load

  • Security

  • Semantic layer

  • Version control

  • Slowly changing dimension

  • Multiple environments

  • Multiple users

  • Connectors and adapters

  • Full integration with existing data architecture

Find more detailed information about these key features at TimeXtender

Leverage the Power of the Cloud

Discovery Hub® is Microsoft Azure certified, effectively supporting Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Warehouse among others.


With this certification comes many benefits for Discovery Hub® users:

  • Full support of any cloud strategy, saving time and money on maintaining systems

  • Ability to utilize self-service analytics, matched with fully-automated data preparation

  • Capability to maximize advanced analytics and AI

  • Ease of taking structured data and seamlessly integrating it with data visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau or Qlik

  • Utilizing Discovery Hub® as a “One-Stop Shop” with the ability to manage a continuous flow of data in AND out of an Azure Data Lake

Time Savings

Implementation times average two to six months and the subscription model makes it easy to get started, letting you quickly see your Return on Investment (ROI).

Employee Efficiency

Free highly skilled employees from meticulous and tedious manual coding, allowing them to spend more time on valuable data analysis.

Easy Journey to Cloud

The latest version of Discovery Hub® fully supports Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, allowing users to seamlessly make the journey to the cloud.

Automated, Valid and Secure Data

Whether in test, development or production, your data is fully documented. With fully automated and controlled documentation, you have full security, traceability and version control to help your business stay GDPR compliant.

About timeXtender

TimeXtender provides companies – in all industries – with instant access to data, enabling them to make quality business decisions with data, mind and heart. They do this for one simple reason: because time matters. With their Discovery Hub® platform, they aim to free up time and energy of an entire, so it can be dedicated to purposeful growth, innovation, and game-changing breakthroughs. Discovery Hub® is a high-performance software platform used to build a flexible, information-focused data estate on the Microsoft Data Platform. TimeXtender serves its 2,700+ customers, from mid-sized companies to Fortune 500, through its global network of partners. TimeXtender was founded in 2006 and is privately owned, with headquarters in Denmark and the U.S. and regional offices around the world.